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Enterprise Providence Terminal


Facility #1 : Enterprise Providence Terminal

Basic Facility Info facility_Basic_Facility_Info help link help link  
Facility ID100000175981
Deregistered (Yes/No)No
Facility NameEnterprise Providence Terminal
Street Address Line 125 Fields Point Drive
Street Address Line 2(access via Terminal Road)
Zip Code02905
CountyProvidence County
113th Congressional DistrictRI01: Rhode Island 1
Owner or Operator NameEnterprise Products Operating LLC
Parent CompanyEnterprise Terminals and Storage, LLC
Number of RMP Submissions4
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Most Recent Submission Info facility_Most_Recent_Submission_Info help link help link  
RMP ID1000016058
Submission Typerevised submission for facility
Submission Date11/02/2010
Reason For SubmissionRevised OCA due to change (40 CFR 68.190(b)(6))
Process Toxic Amount Total (lbs)0
Process Flammable Amount Total (lbs)77,015,000
Process Amount Total (lbs)77,015,000
Number of Potential Offsite Consequence Processes1
Potential Offsite Consequence Toxic Amount Total (lbs)0
Potential Offsite Consequence Flammable Amount Total (lbs)77,015,000
Potential Offsite Consequence Amount Total (lbs)77,015,000
All Process NAICS488999
Exec Summary Submission Date11/02/2010

Executive Summary facility_Executive_Summary help link help link (Facility #1 : Enterprise Providence Terminal, executive summary: all)

Executive Summary
Enterprise TE Products Pipeline Company LLC
Providence Terminal Risk Management Program Registration
Executive Summary

1. Accidental Release Prevention and Emergency Response Policies

We at Enterprise Providence Terminal are strongly committed to employee, public and environmental safety. This commitment is demonstrated the design, installation, operating procedures, maintenance and employee training associated with the processes at our facility. It is our policy to implement appropriate controls to prevent possible releases of regulated substances. If such a release does occur, our response activities are coordinated with Rhode Island Hazardous Material Planning District 5.

2. The Stationary Source and the Regulated Substances Handled

Our facility's primary activity is the storage and handling of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG). We have two (2) regulated substances present at our facility. These substances are propane and ethyl mercaptan (ethanethiol). Propane is received by marine vessels, stored on-site and loaded to trucks for distribution in the Providence area and other nearby states. Ethyl mercaptan is used to odorize the propane delivered tot he trucks for safety purposes.

Both compounds are classified as flammable under 40 CFR Part 68. No compounds classified as toxic are stored or used at the facility in amounts above their threshold quantities. Details on the amount of flammable materials held on the terminal site are contained in the RMP data elements.

3. Release Scenarios

The worst case release scenario submitted for Program 3 flammable substances as a class involve a catastrophic release from Tank Storage. The scenario involves the release of the contents of the large refrigerated propane storage tank, which contains the largest single quantity of flammable material at the terminal. The Envitronmental Protection Agency's RMP-Comp program was used to calculate the distance to a 1 psi overpressure endpoint for the calculated release.

The alte
rnative release scenario submitted for Program 3 flammable substances involves a release from Storage and Transfer. The release is assumed to result in a Vapor Cloud Explosion. This scenario is based on the rupture of a 2-inch truck loading line and assumes that active measures (hydrocarbon detectors and automatic shut-off devices) stop the flow within 20 seconds. The maximum amount of propane vented is assumed to be involved in a vapor cloud explosion. Details on the alternate case scenario are contained in the RMP registration data elements..

4. The General Accidental Release Prevention Program and the Chemical-Specific Prevention Steps.

Our facility has taken all the necessary steps to comply with the accidental release prevention requirements set out under 40 CFR Part 68. The following sections briefly describe the elements of the release prevention program that is in place at Providence Terminal.

Process Safety Information
Enterprise maintains a record of safety information that describes the chemical hazards, operating parameters and equipment designs associated with all applicable processes.

Process Hazard Analysis
Our facility conducts studies to ensure that hazards associated with our processes are identified and controlled efficiently. The HAZOP methodology is primarily used to carry out these analyses. Hazard Analysis Revalidations are usually conducted using a checklist to review the previous hazard analysis and to review modifications made to the facility since the last hazard analysis. The studies are undertaken by a team of qualified personnel with expertise in engineering and process operations and are revalidated at a regular interval of not than five (5) years. Any findings related to the hazard analysis are addressed in a timely manner.

Operating Procedures
For the purposes of safely conducting activities within our covered processes, Enterprise maintains written operating procedures. These procedures address various modes of operation
such as initial startup, normal operations, temporary operations, emergency shutdown, emergency operations, normal shutdown, and startup after a turnaround. The information is regularly reviewed and is readily accessible to operators involved in the processes.

Enterprise has a training program in place to ensure that employees who are operating processes are competent in the operating procedures associated with these processes. Refresher training is provided at least every three (3) years, and more frequently as needed.

Mechanical Integrity
Enterprise carries out maintenance checks on process equipment to ensure proper operations. Process equipment examined by these checks include, among others: pressure vessels, storage tanks, piping systems, relief and vent systems, emergency shutdown systems, controls, pumps, valves, gas detectors, flame detectors, and temperature and pressure switches. Maintenance operations are carried out by qualified personnel with previous training in maintenance practices. Furthermore, these personnel are offered specialized training as needed. Any equipment deficiencies identified by the maintenance checks are corrected in a safe and timely manner.

Management of Change
Written procedures are in place at Enterprise to manage changes in process chemicals, technology, equipment and procedures. Process operators, maintenance personnel or any other employee whose job tasks are affected by a modification in process conditions are made aware of and offered training to deal with the modification.

Pre-Startup Reviews
Pre-startup safety reviews related to new processes and to modifications in established processes are conducted as a regular practice at Enterprise. These reviews are conducted to confirm that construction, equipment, and operating and maintenance procedures are suitable for safe startup prior to placing equipment into operation.

Compliance Audits
Enterprise has conducted and will continue to conduct audits to confirm th
at the provisions set out under the RMP rule are being properly and adequately implemented. These audits have been carried out at least every three (3) years and any corrective actions required as a result of the audits will be implemented as soon as possible to improve compliance with the requirements of the RMP Rule.

Incident Investigation
Enterprise investigates any incident that results in, or could reasonably result in, a catastrophic release of a regulated substance. These investigations are undertaken to identify the situation leading to the incident as well as any corrective actions to prevent the release from reoccurring. All reports are retained for a minimum of five (5) years.

Employee Participation
Enterprise truly believes that process safety management and accident prevention is a team effort. Company employees are encouraged to express their views concerning accident prevention issues and to recommend improvements. In addition, our employees have access to all information created as part of the facilityAs implementation of the RMP rule. The employees at the facility are involved in the implementation of many of the issues in the accident provention program, including participation in the process hazard analyses at the facility.

On occasion, our company hires contractors to conduct specialized maintenance construction activities. Prior to selecting a contractor, an evaluation of safety performance of the contractor is carried out. Enterprise has a strict policy of informing the contractors of known potential hazards related the contractorAs work and the processes. Contractors are also informed of all the procedures for emergency response should an accidental release of a regulated substance occur while they ar working at Providence Terminal.

5. Five-year Accident History
Enterprise has had an excellent record of preventing accidental releases over the last 5 years. Due to our release prevention policies, there have been no accident
al releases of substances regulated under 40 CFR Part 68 during this period which have resulted in deaths, injuries, or significant property damage on site, or known off-site deaths, injuries, evacuations, sheltering in place, property damage, or environmental damage.

6. Emergency Response Plan
Enterprise maintains a written emergency response plan to deal with accidental releases of hazardous materials. The plan includes all aspects of emergency response including adequate first aid and medical treatment, evacuations, notifications or local emergency response agencies and the public, as well as post-incident decontamination of affected areas.

To ensure proper functioning, our emergency response equipment is regularly inspected and serviced. In addition, the emergency response plan is updated to reflect any changes taking place within our processes that would require a modified emergency response. A copy of the emergency response plan is given to local emergency responders to improve the community response should an incident occur.

7. Planned Changes to Improve Safety
Recommendations for changes to improve safety can arise from hazard reviews, program audits, incident investigations and employee suggestions to improve the safety of the operations at Providence Terminal. The following changes are currently planned to improve th e safety of the operations at the facility.

* Enterprise is currently reviewing the written accident prevention / process aafety managment program to ensure that the program adequately addresses regulatory requirements at all Enterprise facilities.
* A new programmable logic controller (PLC) based digital process control system is being installed at the terminal to improve opeator control of process operations and response to any emergency siturations.

Submission - Other Facility Info facility_Submission_-_Other_Facility_Info help link help link  
Number of Full Time Employees11
Owner or Operator NameEnterprise Products Operating LLC
Owner or Operator Address Line 1P. O. Box 4324
Owner or Operator CityHouston
Owner or Operator StateTX
Owner or Operator Zip77210
Owner or Operator Zip Extension4324
Parent Dun and Bradstreet Number0
Second Parent Dun and Bradstreet Number0
Number of Full Time Employees11
Number of FTE CBI FlagNo
Covered by OSHA PSM StandardYes
Covered by EPCRA Section 302Yes
Covered by CAA Title VNo
Last Safety Inspection Date07/08/2010
Last Safety Inspection ByUS Coast Guard
OSHA Star or Merit RankingNo

Submission - Contact Info facility_Submission_-_Contact_Info help link help link (Facility #1 : Enterprise Providence Terminal, RMP submission #1 : 2010-11-02)
Owner or Operator Phone7133816500
Facility Dun and Bradstreet Number0
RMP ContactAlfred J. Wussler
RMP Contact TitleSenior Compliance Engineer - RMP
RMP Contact

Submission - Additional Info facility_Submission_-_Additional_Info help link help link  
RMP Complete FlagYes
Predictive FilingNo
No RMP Accidents Last 5 YearsNo
Complete Check Date11/02/2010
Postmark Date11/02/2010
Anniversary Date11/02/2015
Confidential Business InformationNo

Submission - Lat/Long Info facility_Submission_-_Lat_Long_Info help link help link  
Valid Lat/LongYes
Lat/Long MethodGPS - Unspecified
Lat/Long Location TypeAdministrative Building
FRS Latitude41.7891
FRS Longitude-71.3847

Submission - Counts and Totals facility_Submission_-_Counts_and_Totals help link help link (Facility #1 : Enterprise Providence Terminal, RMP submission #1 : 2010-11-02)
Number of RMP Accidents0
RMP Accident Flammable Total (lbs)0
RMP Accident Toxic Total (lbs)0
RMP Accident Amount Total (lbs)0
Number of RMP Accidents0
Number of Processes1
Number of Process Chemicals0
Number of Toxic Worst-case Scenarios0
Number of Toxic Alternate Case Scenarios0
Number of Flammable Worst-case Scenarios1
Number of Flammable Alternate Case Scenarios1
RMP Accident Flammable Total (lbs)0
RMP Accident Toxic Total (lbs)0
RMP Accident Amount Total (lbs)0
Total RMP Accident Deaths0
Total RMP Accident Injuries0
Total RMP Accident Evacuated/Sheltering In Place0
Total RMP Accident Property Damage$0

Processes facility_Processes help link help link (Facility #1 : Enterprise Providence Terminal, RMP submission #1 : 2010-11-02, process #1 : LPG Storage and Loading)
Process DescriptionLPG Storage and Loading
Program Level3
Confidential Business InformationNo
Toxic Amount Total (lbs)0
Flammable Amount Total (lbs)77,015,000
Process Amount Total (lbs)77,015,000
Number of Process Chemicals0
Number of Toxic Worst-Case Scenarios0
Number of Toxic Alternate Scenarios0
Number of Flammable Worst-Case Scenarios1
Number of Flammable Alternate Scenarios1

Process Chemicals facility_Process_Chemicals help link help link  
Process Chemical IDPropane
CAS number000074986
Chemical TypeFlammable
Process Chemical Amount (lbs)77,000,000
Confidential Business InformationNo

Process Chemicals facility_Process_Chemicals help link help link (Facility #1 : Enterprise Providence Terminal, RMP submission #1 : 2010-11-02, process #1 : LPG Storage and Loading, process chemical #2)
Process Chemical IDEthyl mercaptan [Ethanethiol]
CAS number000075081
Chemical TypeFlammable
Process Chemical Amount (lbs)15,000
Confidential Business InformationNo

Process Chemicals facility_Process_Chemicals help link help link  
Process Chemical IDPublic OCA Chemical
CAS number000000000
Process Chemical Amount (lbs)0
Confidential Business InformationNo

Worst-Case Flammable Scenarios facility_Worst-Case_Flammable_Scenarios help link help link  
Model UsedEPA's RMP*Comp(TM)
Passive Mitigation - Blast WallsNo
Passive Mitigation - OtherStorage Tank Containment Dike
Confidential Business InformationNo

Alternate Case Flammable Scenarios facility_Alternate_Case_Flammable_Scenarios help link help link (Facility #1 : Enterprise Providence Terminal, RMP submission #1 : 2010-11-02, process #1 : LPG Storage and Loading, process chemical #3, alternate flammable scenario #1)
Model UsedEPA's RMP*Comp(TM)
Passive Mitigation - DikesNo
Passive Mitigation - Fire WallsNo
Passive Mitigation - Blast WallsNo
Passive Mitigation - EnclosuresNo
Active Mitigation - SprinklersNo
Active Mitigation - Deluge SystemsNo
Active Mitigation - Water CurtainNo
Active Mitigation - Excess Flow ValvesNo
Active Mitigation - OtherHydrocarbon detectors with automatic flow shutoff; Flow limiting valves; Facility ESD system
Confidential Business InformationNo

Process Chemicals facility_Process_Chemicals help link help link  
Process Chemical IDPublic OCA Chemical
CAS number000000000
Process Chemical Amount (lbs)0
Confidential Business InformationNo

Process NAICS facility_Process_NAICS help link help link (Facility #1 : Enterprise Providence Terminal, RMP submission #1 : 2010-11-02, process #1 : LPG Storage and Loading, process NAICS code #1 : 488999)
NAICS Code488999: All Other Support Activities for Transportation

Prevention Program 3 facility_Prevention_Program_3 help link help link  
Safety Info Review Date03/17/2010
PHA Update Date07/14/2009
PHA Technique - What IfNo
PHA Technique - ChecklistYes
PHA Technique - What If/ChecklistNo
PHA Technique - HAZOPNo
PHA Technique - FMEANo
PHA Technique - FTANo
PHA Change Completion Date12/31/2011
Hazard Identified - Toxic ReleaseNo
Hazard Identified - FireYes
Hazard Identified - ExplosionYes
Hazard Identified - Runaway ReactionNo
Hazard Identified - PolymerizationNo
Hazard Identified - OverpressureYes
Hazard Identified - CorrosionYes
Hazard Identified - OverfillingYes
Hazard Identified - ContaminationNo
Hazard Identified - Equipment FailureYes
Hazard Identified - Cooling LossYes
Hazard Identified - EarthquakeNo
Hazard Identified - FloodYes
Hazard Identified - TornadoNo
Hazard Identified - HurricaneNo
Process Controls - VentsNo
Process Controls - Relief ValvesYes
Process Controls - Check ValvesYes
Process Controls - ScrubbersNo
Process Controls - FlaresYes
Process Controls - Manual ShutoffsYes
Process Controls - Auto ShutoffsYes
Process Controls - InterlocksYes
Process Controls - AlarmsYes
Process Controls - Keyed BypassNo
Process Controls - Emergency AirNo
Process Controls - Emergency PowerYes
Process Controls - Backup PumpNo
Process Controls - GroundingYes
Process Controls - Inhibitor AdditionNo
Process Controls - Rupture DisksNo
Process Controls - Excess Flow DevicesNo
Process Controls - Quench SystemNo
Process Controls - Purge SystemNo
Process Controls - NoneNo
Process Controls - OtherBackup propane refrigeration system compressor
Mitigation Systems - SprinklersNo
Mitigation Systems - DikesYes
Mitigation Systems - Fire WallsNo
Mitigation Systems - Blast WallsNo
Mitigation Systems - Deluge SystemsNo
Mitigation Systems - Water CurtainsNo
Mitigation Systems - EnclosureNo
Mitigation Systems - NeutralizationNo
Mitigation Systems - NoneNo
Monitoring Systems - Process AreaYes
Monitoring Systems - PerimeterNo
Monitoring Systems - NoneNo
Monitoring Systems - OtherFacility video surveillance system
Changes Since PHA - Reduced InventoryNo
Changes Since PHA - Increased InventoryNo
Changes Since PHA - Process ParametersNo
Changes Since PHA - Process ControlsNo
Changes Since PHA - Process DetectionNo
Changes Since PHA - Perimeter MonitoringNo
Changes Since PHA - Mitigation SystemsNo
Changes Since PHA - None RecommendedNo
Changes Since PHA - NoneNo
Changes Since PHA - OtherNew microprocessor based control system installation is in progress.
Procedure Review Date03/17/2010
Training Review Date03/17/2010
Type of Training - ClassroomYes
Type of Training - On the JobYes
Type of Training - OtherComputer based training (CBT); Safety Meetings
Competency Testing - Written TestsYes
Competency Testing - Oral TestsNo
Competency Testing - DemonstrationYes
Competency Testing - ObservationYes
Maintenance Review Date03/17/2010
Maintenance Inspection Date07/21/2010
Equipment TestedAPI 653 internal integrity inspection of the 400,000 barrel propane storage tank.
Management of Change Most Recent Date05/17/2010
Management of Change Review Date03/16/2010
Pre-startup Review Date08/16/2010
Compliance Audit Date03/17/2010
Compliance Audit Change Completion Date12/31/2011
Incident Investigation Date07/01/1998
Incident Invest. Change Completion Date07/01/1998
Participation Plan Review Date03/17/2010
Hot Work Review Date03/17/2010
Contractor Safety Review Date03/17/2010
Contractor Safety Eval. Date09/04/2009
Confidential Business InformationNo

Prevention Program 3 Chemicals facility_Prevention_Program_3_Chemicals help link help link (Facility #1 : Enterprise Providence Terminal, RMP submission #1 : 2010-11-02, process #1 : LPG Storage and Loading, process NAICS code #1 : 488999, prev. program 3 #1, prev. program 3 chemical: all)
Process Chemical Record ID

Prevention Program 3 Text facility_Prevention_Program_3_Text help link help link  
Prevention Program Description
Enterprise Products has implemented a full 14-issue safety management and accident prevention program designed to be in full compliance with the OSHA Process Safety Management Standard and the EPA RMP Rule. Additional details on the accident prevention program can be found in the Executive Summary.

Emergency Response Plan Info facility_Emergency_Response_Plan_Info help link help link  
Facility In Community PlanYes
Facility Own Response PlanYes
Specific Facility Response PlanYes
Inform. Procedures in Response PlanYes
Emergency Care in Response PlanYes
Plan Review Date03/01/2010
Response Training Date07/30/2010
Local Response AgencyRI Haz. Material Planning Dist 5
Local Response Agency Phone4014211293
Subject To - OSHA EAPYes
Subject To - CWANo
Subject To - RCRANo
Subject To - OPANo
Subject To - State EPCRAYes

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